Terry Pilger
for Mayor
of Gravenhurst

Terry’s Priorities for the next term of council are:

  • BUILD a strong leadership team, with a take charge responsive attitude.

  • FOSTERING improved communication with council, staff, and residents, recognizing that there is much opportunity to make improvements.

  • PROMOTING through our Economic Development team, demonstrating leadership and cooperation to build economic and development opportunities.

  • EMBRACE forward looking planning principals with balanced growth with environmental protection, being ever mindful that our environment is the core of our local economy.
  • EVALUATE municipal services relative to the Town’s financial position, and growth plan.

  • SUPPORT the growth of Gravenhurst and encourage initiatives to build affordable and attainable housing. This will require collaborating, opportunistically, with local, District, Provincial, and Federal governments.

  • WORK with members of council and staff on the careful, effective, and efficient implementation of current and future programs to ensure we keep tax rates low and affordable for all residents.

Terry in the Community